Machine learning technology automates manual processes and enables predictive analytics.

Document Recognition

Captricity helps organizations to automate and optimize complex document workflows using state-of-the-art recognition technologies developed to deliver operational efficiency, improve customer response times, eliminate inefficient manual labor and–ultimately–increase an organization’s profitability. Once documents enter the system, they are automatically classified, using proprietary computer vision techniques, and matched to a user-defined template. This process creates a digital “fingerprint” for each document and form type, ensuring the documents get matched to the correct template without the need to alter the form with barcodes. This step eliminates the administrative overhead of manual classification (document sorting), even deciphering between similar form versions, which leads to significant cost and time savings

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Handwriting Recognition

This is where Captricity truly stands alone versus existing capture solutions. Captricity’s ability to extract and transform handwritten forms at 99.9%+ accuracy is unprecedented and is often first met with doubt and skepticism. But, that’s okay. We have built a technology that proves itself in a quick, 15-minute demo and–even better–we have customers who will confirm their successes to those interested in learning more (just ask!).

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Shreddr™ Technology

Once document images (i.e., scans or photos) have been uploaded to Captricity, our technology then “shreds” these images into fields, extracting and validating the information using a combination of machine-learning algorithms and crowd-guided verification. Individual data fields are extracted and then processed out of context from the rest of the document by crowdsourced data entry workers. This allows us to maintain our gold standard for protecting your data. Proprietary algorithms ensure that each worker sees only one shred from every document to deliver 100 percent HIPAA compliant and U.S. federal government-trusted results.

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Cloud Scalability

Captricity enables customers to scale up and down between projects with zero manual effort. We can match your largest throughput needs by spinning up resources from our elastic machine pool and leveraging our crowd-guided data verification process to validate jobs 50 times faster than traditional data capture solutions. Once peak load has passed, resources automatically spin down to match the new level of demand—no backlogs, no hardware to purchase and no need to provision temporary staff for inconsistent, peak workloads.

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Enterprise Security

Captricity’s security program is based on industry best practices and aligns to the most common compliance frameworks used by our customers and similar organizations. These include: NIST 800-53 Rev. 4, SOC 2 Type II trust principles, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS v3. Captricity is under the jurisdiction of the FTC and operates as a business associate under HIPAA. Captricity has achieved Authorization to Operate (ATO) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as well as the Federal Election Commission. For more information, please visit

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