Captricity Partners with Blue Prism: To RPA and Beyond

Blue Prism, a leading vendor of RPA (robotics process automation) solutions, is transforming the industries of today into the industries of tomorrow. “Our software robots are becoming the foundation for more than automation: they are becoming the cornerstone for building out the next generation of enterprise-grade applications,” says Blue Prism Founder and Chief Technology Officer Dave Moss.

Last week, Blue Prism announced the creation of a new ecosystem of partners, including Captricity. Each partner’s technologies work symbiotically with RPA to help customers reach their digitization goals.

Captricity VP of Sales Chris Lynch was excited about the new opportunities the partnership will create for Captricity’s insurance customers: “Captricity’s partnership with Blue Prism enables our largest customers to automate their end-to-end workflows, without the need for complex integrations or large-scale IT projects,” he said.

The Blue Prism/Captricity partnership, Lynch said, is just the beginning of “our ongoing strategy to build a valuable partner ecosystem for some of the biggest life insurers in the world.”

Thirteen of the top 20 life insurers in the United States already use Captricity to get more out of their data. Check out the press release to learn more about the Blue Prism/Captricity partnership or click here to schedule a demo today.

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