Where do you grow from here?

Opportunities await in the insurance industry.

With a $19 trillion protection gap, life insurers have an unprecedented opportunity to grow and develop their businesses in the 21st century. Maintaining a competitive edge requires going beyond the status quo. Your company needs to drive more revenue with new products and better customer acquisition strategies, cut costs by automating labor-intensive processes, and understand risk at a deeper level.

Your data holds the answers.

Running a large, regulated enterprise depends on staying in compliance while maintaining operational efficiency, targeting new customer segments, and developing the products and services that speak to existing, new, and future customers. The key to that seamless functioning is reliable, scalable, and robust data capture and normalization that delivers pristine, useable data without disrupting existing workflows.

But your legacy systems are holding you back.

Insurance companies already collect a wealth of data capable of yielding revenue-generating insights. But accessing that valuable pool of untapped information isn’t easy. Legacy system silos can keep worthwhile knowledge deeply or permanently buried, and collecting information from multiple input sources and data streams can take an unreasonable amount of effort and time — with no guarantee that the resulting data will be accurate enough to use.

It’s time to bridge the gap.

Bring together your data and legacy systems — without the cost or time commitment of large-scale “rip and replace” projects. With Captricity’s SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution, insurers can reduce cycle times, improve applicant quote-to-bind rates, automate manual processes to drive down unit costs, and understand risk at a deeper level. That’s why our machine learning (ML) solution is trusted by 13 of the top 20 US life insurers.

Machine learning enables Captricity to provide our insurance customers with intelligent automation through every step of their business workflows:

  • Capture 99.9% accurate data from any input source
  • Repair NIGO data and data entry errors before they impact downstream processes
  • Validate customer information with automatic cross-referencing to public and internal databases
  • Enrich data to add value and precision to better compute individual risk
  • Integrate seamlessly with RPA vendors to deliver data to legacy systems automatically
Josephine Saletto, Corporate Vice President at New York Life

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