Captricity Releases Mobile Capture App

Free iOS app allows users to digitize paper documents anywhere, anytime


BERKELEY, CA. Sept. 27, 2012Captricity, Inc., today announced the release of the Captricity mobile app, a free iOS app that lets users digitize paper documents directly from their mobile devices. The app, available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, interfaces directly with Captricity’s award-winning cloud-based data capture service.

Captricity allows users to extract data from images of paper documents—even handwritten forms—and easily convert that data into digital spreadsheets. Users have been able to upload scans or photos through Captricity’s website, but now the mobile app allows paper forms to be captured, submitted, and reviewed instantly, from any location.

"Paper is often still the best choice for data collection in the field, for everything from client satisfaction surveys to service receipts to inspection checklists,” said Kuang Chen, founder and CEO at Captricity. “But if you can snap and upload an image of that paper form right at the point of service, your whole organization gets faster and more convenient access to its data."

The vision for the Captricity mobile capture app has been brewing since Chen’s PhD fieldwork at a rural health program in Uganda, where community health workers walk from home to home writing down information on the clients they visit. Frustrated by data entry delays that prevented timely access to the community’s health indicators, Chen set out to develop a technology that would allow health workers to quickly and easily report life-saving data trapped on paper. The key was the mobile phone in their pockets.

“After Captricity’s data capture service matured, the next logical extension was mobile capture by remote and distributed agents,” said Chen. “Whether it’s for social workers, sales agents, or anyone working in the field, the Captricity mobile app replaces an age-old problem of data entry with a simple and elegant smartphone app experience”.

The app requires a free Captricity account, and enables users to digitize forms using existing templates that they have created on the Captricity site. Users can submit these digitization jobs for processing using either Apple's in-app purchase or their account’s existing credit balance.

The Captricity mobile app is available for free on the iTunes store, and is also linked from the Captricity web service. An equivalent Android OS app is in the works.

Built with the Captricity API

The Captricity mobile app showcases the power of Captricity's soon-to-be-released API. "We built the entire app using the exact same set of API calls that we are making available to any developer who wants to come sign up," Chen said. "The Captricity mobile app is just an example of the kinds of scenarios that are possible, and we're excited to see what developers can come up with." Developers interested in signing up for the API preview can register themselves at:

About Captricity

Captricity is an award-winning Berkeley, CA–based company that offers a completely self-serve data entry service for digitizing paper forms. Captricity extracts data off of paper and into digital tables quickly and cheaply, via for end users and via its API for developers. Captricity is not OCR; it is human-quality (double-key) data extraction, even from free-form and cursive handwriting. For more information, please visit

Published on Sept. 27, 2012, 6 a.m.

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