‘Captricity for Enterprise’ Aims to Make Paper Profitable for Large Organizations

First cloud-hosted multi-channel capture solution that handles handwriting combines enterprise-grade security with 99%+ accuracy, same-day turnaround time.

Berkeley, CA, April 8, 2014Captricity Inc., the Berkeley-based data capture firm that combines machine and human intelligence to turn the most difficult-to-read paper documents into actionable data within hours, today announces the launch of Captricity for Enterprise.

Captricity for Enterprise is the only Software as a Service, multi-channel data capture platform that converts information from static documents into machine readable data – and the first service of its kind to handle handwriting. It pulls data from forms – whether in the form of faxes, email attachments, scans or mobile phone photos – with same-day turnaround time for any volume of documents.

“There is significant financial and operational incentive to streamline the way large organizations gather their data from handwritten forms,” said Kuang Chen, founder and CEO of Captricity. “Take insurance, where incoming sales leads and applications are both often received as paper forms. These documents are highly valuable and have a short shelf life. The cost of capturing that information with manual data entry is high, not only in terms of payroll and accuracy, but also in terms of turnaround. Our customers want that data fast, and accurately. Our solution creates a bridge between these common paper-based processes and the data that organizations need to make mission-critical decisions.”

Features include:

  • Data quality: Captricity achieves more than 99% accuracy on all data, including handwriting and semi-structured documents
  • Multichannel data capture: Captricity converts data from email and fax documents, mobile phone photos and cloud storage providers
  • Enterprise-grade security: Captricity’s 100% HIPAA-compliant solution provides enterprise-data security for all data at rest and in-flight
  • Enterprise API: the API opens multi-channel capture and automatic sorting for enterprise users, enabling tightly integrated business workflows

Capturing data from paper, fax and PDF forms (including human handwriting), Captricity for Enterprise algorithmically isolates a form’s individual fields of data, or “shreds,” into distinct images and uses machine learning to “read” the data. Captricity combines machine and human intelligence using the Amazon Mechanical Turk crowdsourcing marketplace, whose data entry workers first train the machine learning algorithms, then review individual shreds – each out of context from the rest of the form so that no one but the client has access to the full data set. (For more information about how Captricity protects sensitive data, please visit /privacy.)

About us

Captricity aims to unlock the information that drives the world forward for everyone. Combining machine and human intelligence, Captricity turns paper, fax and PDF documents (including the most difficult-to-read human handwriting) into actionable data within hours, with more than 99% accuracy. Based in Berkeley, and founded in 2011 by Kuang Chen, Captricity is committed to making the world a better place by giving businesses, governments and organizations of all sizes fast and easy access to high-quality data. For more information, please visit www.captricity.com.


Published on April 6, 2014, 12:06 p.m.

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