The Jhpiego Story: Using Data to Save Newborn Lives

May 11, 2016 by Madison Jacobs

Through, we help nonprofit organizations get access to the life-saving data they need to serve their mission and improve lives.

Recently, we sat down with Jhpiego to talk to them about their work in Ghana to reduce newborn mortality rates and how using Captricity has helped them gather the data they need to help midwives, nurses and birth attendants obtain and maintain the knowledge and skills needed to save newborn lives.

Photo credit to Jhpiego/Kasmauski

In 1986, Jhpiego created a landmark competency-based training approach and has since developed an extensive network of global midwife, physician and nurse trainers who are nurturing new generations of health providers who otherwise would not have access to quality education. In Ghana, 23,000 newborns die in the first year of life; Jhpiego’s current efforts in the region are directed at lowering that grim statistic.

Captricity helped Jhpiego eliminate the expense of manual data entry, and eradicate the enormous paper jam created by the initial field reporting. 

You can read the full Jhpiego story on

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