Captricity Joins the Kapor Founders’ Commitment

March 30, 2016 by Smith Freeman

Kapor Capital was a seed-round investor in Captricity. In January, Captricity signed The Kapor Founders' Commitment, which seeks to create, foster and incentivize a culture of diversity and inclusion in their portfolio companies. Here is the original Medium post for the Commitment and here is the tweet announcing Captricity’s pledge.

Captricity was founded with the desire to make data accessible to all. We have built our product to empower organizations around the world with fast access to the accurate data they need to serve their mission and improve lives. As we have grown, we have recognized that our equitable product philosophy should be reflected in all aspects of our company, from whom we hire to how we treat our Oakland neighbors. The Kapor Founders’ Commitment proposes actionable areas of focus that embody our desire to support and build an equitable tech ecosystem in the East Bay.

For Captricity, the Founders’ Commitment means pledging real resources, time, people and money to address the racial, ethnic, gender, education and class inequalities present within the technology industry. As a rising tech company, Captricity has an obligation to lend ourselves as a model of responsible technology in the Bay Area. The Founders’ Commitment also presents a structure in which we are accountable internally and to the greater community for our efforts to make Captricity a good business and a great place for people of all backgrounds to work.

We are hiring passionate, energetic and diverse people to help us solve interesting problems with real-world impact. Check out our available positions here.

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