What is Zonal OCR?  Its one of the things we do!

Zonal OCR is a complicated term for a technology that solves a simple but profound business problem -- extracting just the information you need from your forms.

Most businesses have forms that contain critical information. These forms can be almost anything -- from order forms to patient intake information to warehouse inventories and bills of lading.  Not all of the information on each of these forms is something that you need.

Extracting that data faster and with a higher degree of accuracy is the goal of Zone OCR, a specialized form of regular OCR or Optical Character Recognition.


How does Zonal OCR work?

Zonal OCR enables the user to define specific zones within the document that contains information they need extracted.  This means that the user can extract only the most valuable elements of the document.  They can also redact through omission.

Captricity performs Zonal OCR on forms by having the user upload their blank form onto the Captricity site.  The user then draws a box around the “zones” they want the data extracted from, such as “First Name” “Last Name”and  “What do you want to buy”, etc.  Information in these zones can be typed or handwritten.

Once this template version of the form is complete, the user uploads scans or images of the filled out forms to Captricity.  Images can be captured via scanner, camera of even via a smart phone.  Captricity then captures the data in the zones outputs it into a spreadsheet.

Captricity goes beyond standard Zone/Form-based OCR, because it uses humans to verify the transcribed results.  This means Captricity achieves double-entry quality accuracy in a fraction of the time.  Data privacy is maintained because different people view different zones of the document -- no one person verifies multiple fields or the entire document.  Captricity also does Zonal OCR for business cards where the input fields do not have to be predefined by the user.

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