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Unlocking Access to Customer Data

Captricity’s handwriting recognition technology helps leading organizations in insurance, government and healthcare unlock access to the customer data they need to optimize business processes, improve decision making and enhance the customer experience. Captricity’s platform is the world’s most accurate data capture solution for complex handwritten and typed forms, offering the savvy enterprise access to transactional and legacy data trapped on paper forms - fast, secure and 99.9%+ accurate.

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Automating Complex Business Processes

Captricity’s patented industry-leading document and handwriting recognition technology uses machine learning to achieve what OCR could never do. Captricity isn’t client-server software running in a data center; it was born cloud-native and runs massively in parallel as a service to help customers to automate and optimize complex business processes by turning paper documents into business-transaction-ready data. Captricity enables customers to improve operational efficiency and response times, reduce manual labor and paper handling costs, and enhance organizational profitability.

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Bridging People + Machines

The core of Captricity’s data platform, crowd-guided machine learning, combines the power of advanced machine learning and crowdsourcing to replace manual data entry with a single and reliable cloud-based solution. This unique pairing of people and machines delivers an unprecedented accuracy rate of 99.9%+, even for unconstrained handwriting.

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Improving Customer Engagement

By unlocking access to customer information from multiple communication channels, including email and fax, organizations can handle complex customer forms faster and enrich existing customer data with third party data sources, improving customer communications and introducing new engagement opportunities based on key milestones in the customer lifecycle.

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Enabling Big Data Analytics

Access to customer data is your advantage. Stop settling for business intelligence based on a few index fields, and start seeing your customer data in its entirety. Captricity provides your entire organization with on-demand access to transactional and historical data — from data generated by complex, handwritten forms to scans, faxes, emails and mobile devices. Our data access solution represents an evolutionary step in your business intelligence capabilities, providing unprecedented access to data that can be used to improve risk assessment processes more efficiently, identify fraudulent activity faster and engage with your customers more effectively.

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