Welcome to the future of data.

Data starts with raw input — but doesn’t end there.

Captricity’s AI solution starts with the most accurate data capture technology in existence. With 99.9 percent accuracy, our capture technology transforms structured and semi-structured data — including handwriting — into decision-ready insights. Turnaround time? Hours, not days or weeks. Say goodbye to cycles of crunch time and downtime: Captricity’s technology scales automatically and works in tandem with mailroom automation.

Data takes you beyond “garbage in, garbage out.”

Capturing accurate, high-quality data across multiple input sources is essential to creating meaningful insight — but that’s only the first step. To turn raw input into data you can trust, each field must be validated against existing business rules and systems of record. Captricity’s solution works to correct and enhance customer input, preventing downstream problems caused by unreliable data.

Data powers up your RPA investment.

Your RPA (Robotics Process Automation) solution can’t generate business value without high-quality, actionable data. Get the most from your money, using Captricity to capture and normalize data from more sources than ever — even handwriting. Captricity integrates with leading RPA vendors like Blue Prism to transmit quality, trustworthy data automatically to your back-end systems.

Data closes the gap between customer input and business intelligence.

Captricity’s secure, cloud-based solution produces the high-quality, business-critical data insurers need to drive operational efficiencies, speed response times, manage risk, and improve customer experiences.

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