Forrester Research: Crowd­-Guided Machine Learning Changes the Game for Insurers

As insurance executives seek to digitize their business operations to improve the customer experience, they quickly confront two great and conflicting truths that characterize the state of their operations. First, they’re sitting on a gold mine of data just waiting to be turned into business insights, and second, their dependence on paper isn’t going to end anytime soon.

Watch this webinar to learn how new digital solutions including how crowd-guided machine learning are changing the game for paper-based insurers and financial services organizations. In this webinar, Captricity and guest speaker Forrester Research examined:

  • How consumer expectations are shaping the digital strategies of insurers
  • Why paper will continue to exist in customer and agent/broker interactions
  • What role new digital solutions including crowd­guided machine learning ­ can play in transforming data embedded in paper forms

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