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strata award

2013 Strata Data Innovation Award
Winner: Data Used for Social Impact

2012 LAUNCH Festival
1.0 Company Winner
Best Technology

Product features

Accurate—even with human handwriting

Even after decades of research, affordable transcription of human handwriting has remained out of reach—until now. Human beings are still the best way to transcribe human handwriting, which is why our data capture technology uses real people to verify data.

Immediate access to every original entry

You don’t have to take our word for accuracy. If you want to double-check a particular entry and compare the value that we transcribed against the original, each entry in your source document is just a single click away.

Saves money and time

Captricity data capture is affordable by design, originally intended as a tool for low-resource organizations operating in resource-constrained environments. Our service costs a fraction of normal data entry—and it also saves you the time and hassle of doing your own data entry or coordinating others to do it for you. Add in other features like auditing and hosting, and you end up with more than just a transcribed data file.

Do as much or as little as you want

Whether it's 15 class evaluation forms or 50,000 pages of surveys, Captricity can handle it—and we can turn your data around in a fraction of the time that it would take you to type it in. Turn around a one-million-value data set in days instead of months.

DIY easy—with no hassles, no commitment, no special hardware

Captricity is self-serve. And unlike other programs, you don't need special software or hardware: All you need is your web browser*, an Internet connection, and some way to take pictures of your forms (such as a camera, smartphone, scanner, or copy machine).

*Currently Firefox and Chrome

Export to any tool

We know you want to use your data, not just have it in tables. Captricity doesn’t lock up your data—you can export it to your tool of choice using CSV.

Secure and private

We realize data security and privacy are extremely important. We employ bank-grade AES 256-bit SSL encryption, all transmissions are secured, and your data is password-protected. All forms are digitally shredded—so that no one doing transcription can ever see more than individual data fields. If you work with an educational institution, we have been approved for use by various university IRBs, so please contact us if you have a specific concerns or questions relating to IRB issues.