ugandan clinicThe idea for Captricity came from founder Kuang Chen’s PhD dissertation. Kuang did his graduate research in rural health clinics in Uganda and Tanzania.  He quickly discovered that finding patients "lost" to HIV treatment in urban Tanzania and helping community health workers count danger signs in rural Uganda both required processing huge quantities of paper-bound data. One of the biggest barriers to his work was the seemingly simple task of getting data from paper into digital form. His research focused on data-centric approaches to increase the efficiency of low-resource organizations, so they can better serve their disadvantaged clients.

It didn’t take much imagination to see that solving this problem would unlock new possibilities for organizations using data to help solve scientific, medical, and development problems around the world.

Captricity has grown beyond these early roots into an enterprise-class, cloud-based data capture platform that serves customers in a wide range of industries worldwide.  We are proud to have been incubated as part of the Code for America incubator program and continue to work in service of open data for state, local and federal governments.

While our technology has evolved, our larger goal has remained the same.  Our mission is to unlock the data that moves the world forward.  For everyone.  Our easy to use and cost effective solution opens the doors for better analysis, efficiency and knowledge in organizations and industries that span the spectrum from healthcare and government to logistics and operations of all kinds.

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