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Access to the Customer Data You Need, Where You Need It

Despite the hype around a paperless future, the fact remains that insurance organizations still depend on paper-intensive workflows. From structured forms with defined data fields—such as applications and change forms—to semi-structured forms, like attending physician statements and claims documents, the question must be asked, “What if the best way to ‘go digital’ is to embrace paper?" Captricity is the non-disruptive solution to getting the data you need, when you need it, while extending the investments of your existing business process solutions.

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Helping insurance organizations efficiently process:

  • New Business Forms (Life, Annuities)
  • Change Forms (Beneficiary, Address)
  • Claims Forms
  • Policy Surrender Forms
  • Loan Request Forms
  • Service Forms
  • Withdrawal Forms
  • Electronic Payment Authorization Forms

Deliver a Better Customer Experience

There's a vicious cycle in modern-day insurance customer service: the customer experience gets a lot worse during the busiest times, such as during open enrollment. Captricity can help break the cycle so that both potential customers, existing clients and insurance agents can use the paper they are accustomed to and experience far faster response times with far less of the frustration that comes from manual data entry mistakes.

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Reduce Processing Costs

Every insurer knows, aside from the always important task of generating new business, providing exceptional customer service to policyholders is crucial to long-term success. In fact, in a recent Forrester report, “empowered buyers” demand a new level of customer obsession. Insurance companies must re-focus resources to improve operational efficiencies across all departments—from new business to inforce to claims—to meet the unique and ever-changing needs of their customers. With Captricity, insurers are saving up to 50 percent, compared to legacy manual data entry solutions, and insurers only pay for the data they need access. 

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Tap Legacy Documents to Unlock Valuable Business Insights

Those responsible for managing and protecting historical documents for insurance organizations typically approach us with a couple of common questions:

How do you leverage today’s fast-evolving technologies to help extract and manage the massive amounts of data and (potential) insights trapped in centuries' worth of hard copy documents or images?

How can an organization extract the most value from these documents, while also ensuring that access to the business-ready information is intuitive, easy-to-use and valuable for the end-user?​

Captricity helps insurers to solve for both of these “legacy data” questions and has a proven track record of successfully capturing, transforming and delivering analytics-ready data from historical documents.

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Josephine Saletto, Corporate Vice President at New York Life

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