inVentiv Patient Access Solutions cuts manual data costs by 50 percent

Find out how iPAS utilized the power of Captricity to digitize Patient Access Program forms safely, securely and accurately.

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Go Beyond Traditional Document Management Solutions

Captricity’s cloud-native, crowd-guided, machine learning platform goes far beyond simple document scanning and OCR to manage information from all points of patient and provider contact, including handwritten charts and intake forms, bills, lab results, faxes, emails, texts, images, web forms and more. It delivers double the accuracy of human processing and 50 times the speed at half the cost—all with 99.9%+ accuracy!

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Helping health organizations efficiently process:

  • Enrollment Forms
  • Claims Forms
  • EOB Forms
  • Attending Physician Statements
  • Lab Requisition Forms
  • Prescription Forms
  • Medicare Part D Forms
  • Patient Accessibility Program Applications

Transform the Relationship Between Payor and Provider

Transform your healthcare organization’s value with better data access—across populations and for each patient—for deeper insights and earlier interventions. Enable new business models and efficiencies for cost management, and create new levels of collaboration between medical professionals and across the healthcare enterprise to produce better patient outcomes.

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Keep Patient Data Safe, Secure and 100% HIPAA Compliant

Information privacy is woven into our DNA, and HIPAA compliance ensures that our data extraction system protects sensitive and personal health information (PHI). We are committed to securing customer data, including PHI and PII, and enforcing all privacy and compliance measures. Captricity and its cloud-based infrastructure are fully HIPAA compliant with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 45. This power and security is accessed through a visual, intuitive UI. You can test Captricity with actual forms or data sources in minutes without the need for IT assistance.

Download Overview: Captricity Security FAQ
Scott Thompson, COO at Catapult Health

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