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Deliver the Best Experience for Every Citizen

Government agencies at all levels are leveraging the latest technology to simplify interactions with citizens and industries, cut costs and advance their mission. However, government systems have mountains of paper records, and serving every citizen means that public servants must think long and hard about how to transform current processes.

Captricity helps deliver the best experience for every citizen by integrating paper with new digital systems. Our platform captures data from documents of all types—handwriting, web forms, mobile and paper—to deliver usable data you can trust.

We blend machine learning and human intelligence for software speed and 99.9%+ accuracy. The platform operates at double the accuracy of human processing and delivers 50 times the speed at half the cost of any other solution available today. That means you can turn your archives into a trove of insights, process applications for benefits and services more efficiently, avoid endless backlogs, and get to the heart of regulatory information faster to make sure industries play by the rules.

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Captricity delivers 5 critical benefits to government agencies:

  • Reducing Processing Cost
  • Meet Increasing Data Demands
  • Increase Productivity
  • Protect Sensitive Information
  • Foster Collaboration and Information-Sharing

U.S. Government Tested and Approved

Beyond the need for accuracy and speed, a partnership with the federal government requires audited compliance with stringent security protocols. Information privacy and security is baked into our DNA. We partnered with the FDA to pass the security clearances needed to work with regulatory government data in record time, achieving an authorization to operate (ATO) within FDA compliance for an initial project to eliminate a paper jam with handwritten and typed reports.

A thorough external audit found Captricity to be 100 percent compliant with the requirements laid out by HIPAA, ensuring that our system for capturing and extracting data will safeguard any sensitive information you need to collect and process.

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Deliver Fast Time-to-Value

This power and security is accessed through a visual, intuitive UI. You can test Captricity in minutes with actual forms or data sources from your organization or agency. Once you have proven what Captricity can do to help your business, roll it out across your organization in days, not months.

Captricity helps you eliminate errors and backlogs and unifies all of your information capture so you can free up staff and budget for higher-value activities, like improving citizen experience and response time.

Download Case Study: FDA 
Taha A. Kass-Hout, M.D., M.S., Chief Health Informatics Officer, U.S. Government (FDA)

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