We have a number of example apps and libraries available for use with the Captricity API:

Captricity Python Client

The Captricity Python Client provides a pythonic interface to the Captricity API. The Captricity Python Client is open-source and licensed under an MIT license.


This Captricity hosted Javascript library provides Backbone.js access to the Captricity API. In the linked example, you will find a single page that uses the library to list a user's job.

Captricity Cloud IO

Captricity Cloud IO links Captricity with external cloud based storage apps like Google and Box.net.

This app has examples of:

  • Displaying a list of Captricity jobs
  • Uploading image sets to Captricity
  • Displaying a Captricity form
  • Downloading results of a completed Captricity job

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