Why we need ICR Software:

How are paper forms and surveys filled out? Usually with a good old fashioned pen & paper. But what do we do when we receive a filled out form or survey: We either spend days extracting the data from these forms, or we unfortunately file the forms in the “to do” file bin, i.e. we send these forms to the paper black hole.

How does Captricity's system work?

Captricity's software turns stacks of forms with handwriting into spreadsheet data.  This is accomplished by taking the handwriting that corresponds to a form field, and transcribing those characters into a computer editable .csv spreadsheet.

The nuances of how Captricity works is that a form is broken apart into sections that the user defines. Each zone is then run through a Character Recognition system, where the characters in that section are transcribed into computer editable text. The text is then sent to human workers to verify the transcription, or  if the ICR Software was unable to decipher the text, the human worker, types in the transcription. The combination of a ICR software program along with crowdsourced human workers, is what accounts for the 99%+ accuracy we have for forms with handwriting.

ICR Software

Cloud based ICR Software

We know that desktop ICR software is often rigid & takes up a lot of memory, so instead, our ICR software is based in the cloud. This means that you can upload your documents and view the results from a device with a internet connection.
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