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Bridging People + Machines

These revolutionary benchmarks are possible because we combine high-performance, cloud-native technology with crowd-guided machine learning and an easy-to-use self-service interface. Crowdsourced validation by a massive community fine-tunes the learning algorithms, resulting in even greater speed and accuracy that scales with your business.

Human verification drives machine learning.

Secure by Design

We “shred” uploaded documents into fields, extracting and validating the information using a combination of machine-learning algorithms and human verification. Individual data fields are extracted, then processed out of context from the rest of the document by crowdsourced data entry workers. Proprietary algorithms ensure that each worker sees only one shred from each document—100 percent HIPAA compliant and U.S. government-trusted.

Consumer-Grade Experience

Captricity features a modern, award-winning interface that makes digitizing data easy for anyone. Simply upload scanned or electronic documents—including ones with handwriting—and identify the document fields you’d like to extract. Captricity quickly returns a complete digital record that you can view, download or export directly into Salesforce, ERP systems and BI tools.

On-Demand Scalability

Captricity enables you to scale up and down between projects with zero effort. We can match your largest throughput needs by spinning up resources from our elastic machine pool and leveraging our crowd-guided data verification process to verify jobs 50 times faster than traditional data capture solutions. Once peak load has passed, resources automatically spin down to match ongoing demand—no backlogs, no hardware to purchase and no need to provision for inconsistent peak workloads.

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