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Job Job, Jobs A job links all of the information needed to digitize a set of completed forms. A job ties together:
  • A blank template form (document) with 1 or more blank template pages (sheets)
  • One or more completed forms (instance sets), each of which contains a completed form page (instance) for every blank template page (sheet)
  • The digitization results (dataset) after a job has been processed
Document Document, Documents A document is a blank template form. A document consists of one or more blank template pages (sheets). A user marks up the document using the Captricity web-based document definition tool to specify the information they want digitized.
Sheet Sheet Image, Sheet Thumbnail A sheet is a single blank template page belonging to a document that the user marks up to specify the information that they want to digitize. The user defines the data of interest by drawing template fields using the Captricity web-based document definition tool.
Instance Set Instance Set, Instance Sets, Incomplete Instance Sets, Iset Instance, Iset Instances An instance set is one completed form. Each instance set contains at most one completed form page (instance) for each template page (sheet) in the template form (document). A complete instance set has the same number of completed form pages (instances) as its blank template form (document) has blank template pages (sheets).
Instance Instance, Instance Aligned Image, Iset Instance, Iset Instances An instance is a single completed form page. Each instance belongs to an instance set and corresponds to a particular blank template page (sheet).
Shred Shred, Shreds, Shred Image A shred is a subregion of a completed form page (instance). A shred represents one semantic piece of data. For example, assume you are digitizing a survey and one question is the respondent's age. For each respondent you will digitize a completed form (instance set). For each completed form there will be one shred corresponding to the subregion where the respondent wrote down their age. The user defines the characteristics of a shred by drawing template fields using the Captricity web-based document definition tool.
Dataset Dataset, Datasets A dataset is the result of digitization. Once a job is complete, a dataset will be created containing a transcribed value for each shred in each instance set in the job. The dataset is available in CSV format.

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