Captricity offers unique benefits for nonprofits:

Captricity's low-cost, fast and accurate data digitization lets you spend your time and money saving the world, not dealing with data.
  • Fast, almost real-time access to data: Captricity speeds up how quickly you get your data in two ways:
    • We accept any number of forms at a time, so you can send us event registrations or donation forms as they come in
    • Once we have your forms, our machine learning algorithms do most of the work almost instantaneously, while our elastic and global workforce is available day and night to quickly double- (and triple-) check the answers. As a result, your data will be ready to use in between an hour and a few days, depending on how much you send us.
  • High Accuracy: Our machine algorithms and human entry ensure that, for most data and form types, we achieve near double-entry quality (over 99% accuracy). Don’t take our word for  it, though. With Captricity’s QuickCheck feature, you can inspect any value against the actual image instantly, with a single click.
  • Low Cost: Captricity is cheaper than most traditional BPOs, and often competitive with, if not cheaper than, data entry firms.
  • High security and privacy: Our technology shreds apart images of your form much like a physical shredder would, to ensure privacy. We also employ bank-grade encryption, and all transmissions are secured.

What does this mean for your nonprofit?

Captricity can take care of your paper data for you. Simply scan or snap a photo of your forms, and upload them to Captricity. Send us five or 50,000 pages, then come back a few hours later to see your fully-digitized data. You can compare the original handwriting with the digitized version, and download all your data as a CSV file. We’re also working on direct-to-Salesforce integration, APIs, and a mobile application.

Now, if you have an event on a Saturday, a staff member can snap a photo of the sign-up sheet with her mobile phone at the end of the event, and upload it to Captricity. Once everyone’s back to the office Monday morning, the data is entered and ready to be used to start the important process of circling back. Or maybe you have a constant influx of pledge forms. Pop a day’s- or month’s-worth into a batch scanner, upload it to Captricity, and you’ll soon be ready to follow up on those donation promises.

Is Captricity Right for You?

Try out our Beta and see for yourself. If you have more questions about how Captricity can help your nonprofit handle paper data faster and cheaper, please contact us. We’ll reply promptly to answer your questions or find a time to speak more.

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