No more trade-offs between price, accuracy, and speed.

Captricity offers low-cost, accurate and fast data entry, so you can spend your time and resources saving lives, not digitizing data.

  • Fast, almost real-time access to data: Captricity speeds up how quickly you get your data in two ways.
    • We accept any number of forms at a time, so you don’t have to wait until your data collection is complete to start getting digitized. Health records can be digitized as they come in, and survey sheets can be analyzed after day to make sure collection is going well.
    • Captricity offers fast data entry: Once we have your forms, we return your fully-digitized data in anywhere from a few hours to a week, depending on the quantity of pages and data.
  • High Accuracy: We use a combination of machine algorithms and human verification/entry to ensure near double-entry quality (over 99% accuracy) for most data, depending on original quality and form structure. Don’t take our word for  it, though. With Captricity’s QuickCheck feature, you can inspect any value against the actual image with a single click.
  • Low Cost: Captricity is cheaper than most traditional BPOs, and competitive with, if not cheaper than, traditional data entry firms. We also save you the trouble and cost of setting up your own data entry center on-site. All you need to use Captricity is a scanner or camera and an internet connection.
  • High security and privacy:  Captricity "shreds" forms into image fragments, working much like a traditional paper scanner to ensure privacy. We also employ bank-grade encryption, and all transmissions are secured. We also have a number of other features available to ensure data security and privacy. Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to learn more.

How Captricity works

Captricity grew out of PhD dissertation work in a Ugandan health clinic, so this on-demand data entry technology was designed with international development organizations like yours in mind. We don’t require any up-front contracts and can handle most standardized forms, in almost any quantity, from a few to a few hundred thousand. Captricity’s advanced algorithms pull out and do a first pass at digitizing your data, and then human workers do second and third passes to ensure accuracy. Only a few steps are required from you: 1) Upload an image of a blank copy of your form. 2) Use Captricity's web interface to draw boxes around all the data fields you want. 3) Upload images of your filled-in forms. You'll receive an email letting you know when your data is ready. We also are working on mobile applications and APIs to make these steps even easier and faster.

Is Captricity Right for You?

If, like so many other organizations, you still rely on paper for data collection but want a faster, cheaper way to get that data accurately digitized, Captricity could be a great fit. Please contact us, and we would be happy to answer your questions or find a time to speak more.

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