Here's a quick example of using our API to list the the jobs your own in your Captricity account.

Log in and then navigate to /api/shreddr/job/ .

This will perform a HTTP GET to the jobs API resource. Assuming that you have already created a job, you should see a JSON list like this:

"status": "completed",
"user_id": 4,
"name": "Small Demo Job",
"created": "2012-05-07T14:11:24.173",
"started": "2012-05-07T14:15:54.217",
"sheet_count": 1,
"modified": "2012-05-07T19:14:36.635",
"is_example": false,
"finished": "2012-05-07T19:14:36.456",
"estimated_completion": "2012-05-07T19:14:36.634",
"percent_completed": 100,
"instance_set_count": 10,
*snip! ...*

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