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Process invoices in hours, not days

Managing your business’s finances requires a practiced hand, or many practiced hands because of the nearly endless flow of invoices, purchase orders, and more.

Most business have few options to generate mission-critical operational data. Manual data entry and “OCR assisted” are both slow and carry a heavy administrative burden. Outsourcing shops are expensive, error prone, and require a long-term commitment right off the bat.

A new, better way to digitize your data

Captricity pulls structured data from forms, whether handwritten invoices or scanned POs, quickly and accurately. Here’s what Captricity offers you:

It’s Fast

Setup and turnaround is much less complex than outsourcing or software solutions.  And Captricity can handle even large amounts of data in about a day.

It’s Accurate

Captricity delivers a double-entry level of accuracy for every document we process.  Even with human handwriting, our results are superior to software and OCR solutions.  Captricity combines the speed of machine learning with the power of real people to verify data accuracy.

It Integrates with Your Business Process

We plug into your existing business process via a number of the most popular cloud-based solutions such as Salesforce, Box, Dropbox and Constant Comment.  We deliver your results in the format you need.  We can deliver a CSV spreadsheet or we can push to your in-house database via an API.

It’s Mobile and Results are in the Cloud

Multiple entry points are no problem for Captricity.  From wherever you are, just upload your forms.  We will deliver a single, integrated set of results that you can all securely share.  And with Captricity’s mobile app, you can easily capture data in the field, anywhere you are.

It’s Secure and Private

Captricity uses bank-grade encryption to protect your data at rest and in flight. Moreover, our data transcription process is designed to maximize both accuracy and privacy.   All forms are digitally “shredded” and we offer easy data redaction and methods that protect PII.

Plug in to SAP, Oracle, or your in-house ERP

Large companies outsource much of their back office operations because they often require large amounts of manual data entry. Yet mid-sized businesses or even autonomous units of big companies often cannot access full-service BPO options. That is where Captricity adds tremendous value – taking over the most time-consuming, rote data entry tasks and plugging into your operations with our RESTful API. Now any business can access the cost benefits and improved turn-around time of the BPOs without going offshore.

Is Captricity right for you?

Try it yourself, watch a video or contact us to discuss how Captricity can help your company today.