Captricity offers fast, cheap, and accurate digitization of paper forms. We can enter almost any amount of data from exams, course evaluation forms, permission slips and other standardized forms; no need for special equipment, specially-formatted pages, or contracts.

Exams designed your way - Captricity can grade

You carefully craft your exams with a special mix of multiple choice, write-in numbers, short answers, and essays to ensure they fully engage your students and test their knowledge. You don't want to be constrained by grading services that confine you to multiple-choice questions, but you also want to get your students' exams graded quickly without staying up half the night. Captricity can help. Scan the exams (using any scanner or digital camera you already have), and upload them to Captricity. A few hours later, you will have read through and carefully commented on the essays, while Captricity has entered all the multiple choice and shorter written answers into a  spreadsheet for much faster grading. You know the results are accurate, and if you have any questions, you can see the original handwriting with one quick.

Benefits of Captricity

Below are just a few of the benefits Captricity brings to educators:
  • Fast turnaround: Captricity can enter data in anywhere from a few hours (for tens or hundreds of pages) to a few days (thousands of pages). Save your students days of anxious waiting for their grades, and save yourself late nights of grading.
  • High Accuracy: We use a combination of machine algorithms and human verification/entry to ensure near double-entry quality (over 99% accuracy) for most data. Don’t take our word for  it, though. With Captricity’s QuickCheck feature, you can inspect any value against the actual image with a single click.
  • Easy to Use, no Set-Up Required: Captricity is a web-based service that does not require any of the special scanners or equipment some other services do. We accept images from any scanner or camera that you already have. We can also handle any standard form you already use. No need to create special pages or multiple-choice-only exams. We don't require contracts or high volumes either. Sign up now to use Captricity, and you could have your data already entered and ready to use in a few hours.
  • Low Cost: The lack of setup and special equipment required already saves you money over some of the other services out there. On top of that, our per-page and bulk pricing can beat almost all of them. Check out our pricing here, or contact us to learn more about our bulk specials.
  • High security and privacy: We understand that your students’ data is sensitive. Captricity “shreds” forms into image fragments, working much like a traditional paper scanner to disaggregate important data and identifying information. We also employ bank-grade encryption, and all transmissions are secured. Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to learn more.

Simplified course feedback

Most schools and universities still rely on paper forms for end-of-semester feedback. Professors often supplement those with their own questionnaires tailored specifically to their course. The data from those isn’t helpful sitting on paper, but entering can take a long time. With Captricity, all you have to do is drop the forms into a scanner and upload to our site. You’ll get back fully-digitized data in a few hours, so you can quickly and easily analyze trends and tweak the syllabus.

Streamlined administration

School administrators, meanwhile, struggle to keep contact information for students’ families up to date, check that permission slips are filled in and signed, ensure that incoming children have completed their immunizations, and coordinate a great deal of information that goes home and comes back in on paper. Captricity can automate the entry of all of those pieces of paper.

Is Captricity right for your classroom or lecture hall?

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how Captricity can streamline your grading and record-keeping. Or try it out for yourself now.

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