Digital data from paper forms

Captricity extracts data from structured documents including  bills, fax cover sheets, lab results, and patient charts, turning it into digital data you can use.

Benefits of using Captricity include:

  • Improved efficiency. Captricity doesn't force any new technology into your existing, finely-tuned workflow. Rather, it extracts digital data from paper forms you already have within minutes. Physicians can see just as many patients as they used to, staff don't have to waste days on chart review or manual data entry, and administrators and caregivers can quickly and easily access to the data they need in a central, digital database.
  • Fast turnaround. Captricity can extract data from a couple dozen pages in under an hour, and from many thousands of pages in under a day, so you can:
    • File reports and receive reimbursements quickly
    • Do your financial planning based on real-time data, not data from last year.
    • Access vital patient data and lab results as they come in
  • Complete and accurate data. Thanks to an award-winning combination of computer learning and human verification, Captricity is as accurate as double entry—up to 99%. But don’t just take our word for  it. Captricity’s QuickCheck feature lets you instantly inspect any value against the original field with just a click.
  • High security and privacy. Captricity is built on bank-grade encryption to ensure the highest security of all transmissions and data storage. Our data transcription process is designed to maximize both accuracy and privacy. Read more here.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Tell us about the form you are using (for example, a patient chart) by creating a template within Captricity.
  2. Upload the completed forms that contain the information you want extracted as digital data (e.g. a handwritten physical exam write-up or faxed lab results)
  3.  Focus on other priorities while Captricity goes to work.
  4.  In under an hour (or a day for many thousands of pages), you get digital data to download as a CSV file or import into a variety of programs or databases, either manually or with our API.
  5.  Any time you want to transcribe more patient charts, Captricity automatically knows what to do. If you have vital information locked within a backlog of paper forms or PDFs, Captricity can take care of that, too.
Is Captricity right for you?
We’re here to help you make that decision. Contact us to discuss how Captricity can help you save time and money while improving accuracy and efficiency.

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