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strata award

2013 Strata Data Innovation Award
Winner: Data Used for Social Impact

2012 LAUNCH Festival
1.0 Company Winner
Best Technology

Highlighted use cases

ERP and Accounting

Most business have few options to generate mission-critical operational data. Manual data entry and "OCR assisted" are both slow and carry a heavy administrative burden. Outsourcing shops are expensive, error prone, and require a long-term commitment right off the bat. Let Captricity take care of entering purchase orders, invoices, and more into digital data. Then you can pay the bills and still have extra time to focus on generating upcoming reports and making important financial decisions.


Data drives business and operations. You need fast access to data about key accounts, processing orders and invoices, or keeping track of donors and volunteers. However, getting all that information into electronic systems has created time-consuming chores for key employees and a hurdle for operational information. Captricity can convert all of that paperwork to digital data, leaving you free to focus on closing the sale, keeping your team on the same page, or nailing the latest campaign.

Survey research

You want to be designing elegant studies, analyzing troves of data, and making new discoveries—not typing in surveys, managing data entry, and verifying outliers by hand. Captricity can quickly and cheaply help you turn those stacks of paper from the field into digital data that you can sort, search, and study.


You know that government is being asked to do more with less, you live it everyday. But regulation and process mean the paperwork burden is not going away anytime soon. Captricity can quickly and cheaply turn mountains of paper forms into digital data that makes your agency operate better and more efficiently. We can also prime vastly more data for your open data initiative with just a click.


Do you dread exams more than your students because of the hours of grading they bring? Wish you had an easier way to make sense of stacks of course evaluations? Captricity can quickly and cheaply digitize all that information for you.

Healthcare Administration

You rely on patient data to meet reporting requirements, manage budgets, and plan for the future… but the manual chart review necessary to get that data is time-consuming, expensive, and often imprecise. Captricity solves this problem by automatically transcribing key data from internal and external patient documents into a database that can be quickly and easily queried.

International development

You rely on large amounts of high-quality data to successfully complete your life-saving work. Paper is often the easiest way to collect that data, but entry is time-consuming, expensive, and often inaccurate. Captricity solves that problem, taking images of your paper forms and giving you back fully-digitized, highly accurate data at a fraction of the time and price.

Nonprofit administration

Spending more time coordinating all the paper, contacts and information in your nonprofit than actually doing the work you set out to do? Let Captricity take care of your data entry and integration, so you can go back to saving the world.