inVentiv Cuts Data Entry Costs by 50 Percent

May 12, 2016 by Madison Jacobs

By leveraging the power of automated data capture and transformation in the cloud, inVentiv Patient Access Solutions (iPAS) has been able to reduce the cost associated with manual data entry for their Patient Access Program (PAP) offering by 50 percent, while maintaining accuracy and security and reducing processing turnaround time. The iPAS PAP processes a wide array of forms for pharmaceutical companies including Patient Application and Patient/Practitioner Authorization forms.

iPAS is a full-service patient access and reimbursement services hub for several large pharmaceutical companies. iPAS is nationally recognized for their expertise in the design and management of compliant, streamlined reimbursement and patient assistance programs that help their clients grow sales by finding patients that are uninsured and underinsured and working with them to eradicate the financial hurdles associated with receiving prescribed medications. iPAS is dedicated to delivering the highest-quality, leading-edge services so patients can experience the best possible medical outcomes.

You can read the rest of the iPAS success story here.

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