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About us

At Captricity, our mission is to unlock the information that drives the world forward.  For everyone.
Kuang Chen

Kuang Chen, Founder

The idea for Captricity came from Kuang’s PhD dissertation. His research focused on data-centric approaches to increase the efficiency of low-resource organizations, so they can better serve their disadvantaged clients. While doing research in Tanzania and Uganda, he experienced firsthand the importance and difficulty of transforming data from paper forms to computable formats. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley, a BS in Computer Science and a BA in the Comparative History of Ideas from the University of Washington.

Brian Busch

Brian Busch, Business Development

A Denver native, Brian is passionate about bringing new ideas and products to market.  While completing a MBA at UC Berkeley-Haas, he advised several new, fast-growing companies and developed their business models in diverse industries, including clean water, mobile education, and social networking in developing countries. Prior to Haas, Brian spent nearly four years with a microfinance fund manager based in San Jose, Costa Rica.  He developed and managed two risk management training programs targeting development finance institutions throughout the region.  Brian also holds a BS in Finance and a BA in Philosophy from Boston College.

Jolly Chen

Jolly Chen, VP, Head of Engineering

Jolly has over 20 years of experience developing and delivering
enterprise software. Prior to Captricity, he led an engineering team at Cloudera. He cofounded Gauntlet Systems which was acquired by Borland. He was an early developer and engineering manager at WebLogic which was acquired by BEA Systems. While a graduate student at UC Berkeley, he helped add the SQL parser to postgres and released the first versions of what would later be known as PostgreSQL. He earned a BS and MS in Computer Science from MIT.

Jennifer Cobb

Jennifer Cobb, Head of Marketing

Jennifer is passionate about technology, social good and emerging companies.  She has more than 25 years of experience in the technology industry and in the nonprofit sector where she has served as strategic marketing consultant and senior team member in organizations as diverse as  BEA, Sybase, the World Affairs Council and the Haas Jr. Fund. She attended Amherst College and the University of California, Berkeley, and holds an MA from Union Theological Seminary.

Kurt Collins

Kurt Collins, Solutions Architect

Kurt started his engineering career as an intern at Silicon Graphics (SGI) where he worked on debugging different parts of their UNIX-flavored operating system. That experience gently nudged him to leave his EECS studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to start his own company; and he’s been an entrepreneur ever since. While initially he worked on the software engineering side of start-ups (some eventually acquired by companies like Nike and CNET), eventually he moved on to focus on business development. After making the switch to the business side, he landed at several early stage start-ups managing partnerships with organizations such as Friendster, Facebook, Adobe and more. At Captricity, he works directly with clients to ensure their success. While he may try to hide his love for all things geek, if you really want to get in to it ask him about his preference for Star Trek: Voyager over Deep Space Nine. And don’t ask him about comics or The Elder Scrolls unless you have a lot of free time on your hands.

Nadja Haldimann

Nadja Haldimann, Design

Nadja is a user experience designer with 14 years of professional experience. Born and raised in Switzerland, Nadja moved to Seattle in 1997 to pursue her interest in technology and user-centered design. At Microsoft she rose from Visual Designer to Product Design Lead on the MS Office team. She was directly responsible for the look and feel of Office XP and Office 2003 and as a manager had broad design impact across many of Microsoft’s best-selling software applications including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. She holds several US design patents related to visual and interaction design.

Spencer Hoffman

Spencer Hoffman, Customer Engagement

A Psychology and Business graduate from the University of British Columbia, Spencer is your customer engagement liaison. Having excelled in sales and marketing in the past through both his education and work experience, he discovered that his passion lay in working with people to help solve their daily problems by finding them the best solutions. In between asking him about Captricity, feel free to ask him about his travels, his love for the outdoors, and the latest movies he’s seen.

Hui Peng Hu

Hui Peng Hu, Tech

Hui Peng graduated from UC Berkeley in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Before completing his degree, he helped Captricity with numerous projects related to machine learning and from there moved on to work at Amazon to solve big problems related to fraud detection. Now he is back to solving more machine learning and vision problems related to document recognition and capture. He is passionate about solving big, hard real-world problems using software and computers. In his spare times he likes to pretend that he enjoys reading, but in reality he just plays video games.

Nick Jalbert, Tech

Nick hails from the East Coast. As an undergraduate at the University of Virginia, he researched bug tracking in open source software. As a graduate student in the Berkeley EECS department, he researched fixing bugs in other people’s code. These days, he spends his time fixing (the many) bugs in his own code.

Paul Patterson

Paul Patterson, Head of Sales

Born and raised in the Silicon Valley, Paul has over 15 years of experience in software start-ups. In his career, Paul has helped manufacturers build to higher quality standards, CIOs deliver IT more efficiently, engineers design products faster, and retailers sell more products to more people. Most recently, Paul led a sales team at EchoSign, an electronic signature provider acquired by Adobe in 2011. Paul graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Business Administration.

Josh Paulsen

Josh Paulsen, Tech

Josh loves using technology to solve problems. While getting his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley he found it easier to solve problems with software than with hardware. When not writing code, he can be found reading, wishing it would rain more and, most recently, thinking about learning to play the piano.

Neel Punatar

Neel Punatar, Online Marketing

Neel Punatar manages all of the online marketing for Captricity. His primary focus is to increase organic and paid traffic via SEO, links, and PPC. Neel also manages Captricity’s rich and always evolving analytics and builds multivariable landing pages to optimize conversions. Before switching to digital marketing, Neel worked at NASA and a product design company. As a digital marketer, Neel has helped numerous companies increase their paid and organic traffic and revenue. Neel also worked for the Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia), where he built a successful ROI for the organization’s Google grant. Neel has a B.S. in Engineering from UC Berkeley.

Andrea Spillmann

Andrea Spillmann, Customer Engagement

Andrea recently completed her Master’s of Public Health at UC Berkeley, where she focused on the nexus(es) of IT, health, and development. Her previous work spans academic medicine, health startups/Health 2.0, and ICT for development. Andrea is especially excited to be joining Captricity after having worked on earlier versions of the project through Berkeley’s School of Information.

Matthew Weil

Matthew Weil, Account Manager

Matthew is happy to be part of an amazing team here at Captricity. A Philadelphia native, Matthew has over a decade of unique working experience including serving in the United States Navy, producing for NBC News, and working for the Oakland Athletics. In his spare time Matthew enjoys watching baseball, traveling and meeting new people. In 2013, he combined his three favorite pastimes into one as he traveled throughout the entire country visiting 25 MLB stadiums in 25 days while meeting new people all along the way.

Yoriyasu Yano

Yoriyasu Yano, Tech Lead

Yori holds Bachelor’s degrees from UC Berkeley in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. He developed his love for computers through his experience with robotics and AI in the First Robotics Competition during his high school years. While working half-time, he had the highest GPA in UC Berkeley’s Computer Science department when he graduated.