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Meet Team Captricity: Yoriyasu Yano


I'm Yoriyasu (Yori for short) and I am one of the original engineers who worked on bringing Captricity in to the world. So I've been with Captricity for a long (long in engineering speak anyway) time now. I started out as an intern in the summer of 2011 while I was a junior in college and continued on ever since, building out the tools the world needs to unlock the data that has been stuck in paper.

Why did I decide to stay for so long? Well one reason is because Captricity has a strong mission to drive the world forward, leaving no one behind. Whether we are trying to help large enterprises sell better, local and state governments with better data transparency, or social enterprises build sustainable sanitation in the slums of Africa, Captricity can and will be there to help. And we here at Captricity all believe in the mission together.

I'm proud to be a part of an amazing engineering team that has made Captricity a reality. And we won't stop there. We at Captricity are always innovating and we are continuing to build great features and products that enhance our mission. I hope you will be excited to hear about all the new features we have been and will be building out!


PS- In case you didn’t notice, penguins are my favorite animal.

What customers
are saying

“For an organization like IPA, which processes massive amounts of paper-based data every year, implementing Captricity offers huge benefits. It changes the way we approach and use data for both our services and our decision-making.”
―Niall Keleher, Senior Director, Research Methods and Knowledge Management, IPA
“Without Captricity, we would have imported the files into a bulk directory and that would have been it. What we are trying to achieve would absolutely, 100% not been possible without Captricity.”
―Joel Perkins, IT Consultant, Georgia Department of Ethics
“It was originally estimated to take a very long time to overcome the backlog using manual data entry. Captricity was timelier, and we were able to achieve very high quality data at the fraction of the cost.”
―Taha Kass-Hout, CHIO, FDA
“Captricity was very quick and flexible. We were able to tweak the forms and extract the data we needed to complete our research quickly and efficiently.”
―Tavneet Suri, Associate Professor at MIT
“Captricity was exactly what we were looking for. It was very easy to get going and the customer service has been amazing.”
―Ian Cramer, Transportation Alternatives