Extract structured data
from paper forms.
Even handwriting!
Fast. Secure. 99%+ accurate.

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“Captricity was very quick and flexible.  We were able to tweak the forms and extract the data we needed to complete our research quickly and efficiently.”
―Tavneet Suri, Associate Professor at MIT
“Captricity was exactly what we were looking for. It was very easy to get going and the customer service has been amazing.”
―Ian Cramer, Transportation Alternatives
“My first instinct was to go paperless. But that does not work for our population. Using a paper form works. So a tool like Captricity makes a big difference.”
―Yohan Ruparatne, SEIU
“Captricity entered thousands of warranty cards in a day! I’m in awe of their accuracy and thrilled to have a solution that gets me the data I need overnight.”
―Brian Curran, Darex
“Our latest Captricity file, which is fed directly into Salesforce, had a 99.7% recognition rate and 100% accuracy.”
―David Gershaw, COO, Integra Partners